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Plant Valves

VG1000 Flanged

DN65...150, PN16

The VG1000 series control ball valves are used for the water control of air treatment systems in ventilation and air conditioning units as well as heating system. They are operated by remote mounted spring return and non spring return actuators.


  • 2-way and 3-way mixing
  • Body rating PN 16
  • Hot water, chilled water, 50/50 glycol solutions and 172 kPa saturated steam for HVAC Systems
  • Valve fluid temperature limits -18 to 140 °C
  • Maximum close-off pressure 2-way: 689 kPa / 3-way: 345 kPa
  • Maximum recommended operating pressure drop 207 kPa for quiet service
  • Flow characteristics: 2-way: Equal percentage (according EN60534-2-4); 3-way: Equal percentage (according EN60534-2-4); Flow characteristics of Inline port (Coil) and linear percentage flow characteristics of angle port (By-pass)
  • Rangeability greater than 500:1
  • Leakage: 2 and 3-way: 0.01% of maximum flow, control port, ANSI/FCI 70-2, Class 4; 3-way: 1% of maximum flow, by-pass port

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Product Code Available
65 DN2-way Mixing63
65 DN2-way Mixing100
80 DN2-way Mixing100
80 DN2-way Mixing180
100 DN2-way Mixing150
125 DN2-way Mixing250
150 DN2-way Mixing350