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Cool. Cap.: 105-703 kW, Heat. Cap.: 86-572 kW, 2-stage direct fired

Natural gas-fired chiller/heaters CH K & CH MG from Yazaki work with double effect thermo-cycle and may be used for both cooling or heating distribution. Compared to electrically driven chillers CH K & CH MG chillers can dramatically lower system operating costs. A low electrical energy consumption results in low CO2 emissions and provide a relief for electricity grids by replacing conventional cooling demand peaks. All chillers are pre-filled and ready for “plug& chill”.

The Yazaki CH K & CH MG high efficiency double-effect absorption refrigeration cycle uses water as the refrigerant and lithium bromide (non-flammable, non-toxic, ecologically benign and ozone-friendly) as the absorbent. It is the strong affinity and ease of separation that these two substances have for each other that makes the cycle work. The entire process occurs in hermetic vessels in a near complete vacuum.


  • Cooling capacities from 105 kW to 703 kW
  • Heating capacities from 86 kW to 572 kW
  • Driving energy is provided by natural gas. Typically a COP of 1.0 or above is achievable.

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Product CodeCooling CapacityHeating CapacityAvailable
352 kW429 kW
105 kW86 kW
141 kW115 kW
176 kW143 kW
211 kW172 kW
281 kW229 kW
527 kW429 kW
703 kW572 kW