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Absorption Chillers and Heat Pumps


Cool. Cap.: 105-7034 kW, Single Effect Steam

The YORK YHAU-C Single Effect Steam driven absorption chiller provides efficiency and reliability through the use of innovative technology that is optimized to use steam pressure - as low as 0.3barg. Common applications include comfort or industrial process cooling that use or recover waste heat from combined heat and power (CHP) systems, industrial process or other available heat sources. The YHAU-C cooling capacity ranges from 105-6,153 kW / 30-1,750 TR.

The YHAU-C has the unique ability to be used for applications where the

• Chilled water leaving temperature as low as 4°C.

• Cooling water temperature entering temperature as high as 37°C.

• Steam pressure between 3 and 0.3barg.