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Absorption Chillers and Heat Pumps


Cool. Cap.: 422 - 4395 kW, Large Double Effect Natural Gas or Light Oil - Direct Fired

Compared to conventional designs, the YORK® YHAU-CG Double-Effect Direct Fired absorption chiller/heater uses an innovative two-step evaporator and absorber cycle that splits the absorption process into two steps, similar to how a series-counter-flow arrangement splits the work between two chillers. This, along with the parallel flow cycle, enables lower lithium bromide solution concentrations, which reduces crystallization risk, reduces the potential for corrosion and improves efficiency, in conjunction with these advanced components:

Low- and high-temperature solution plate heat exchangers that optimize efficiency by enabling effective heat transfer between the diluted and the concentrated lithium-bromide solutions.

Refrigerant drain plate heat exchanger that utilizes the heat of the warm refrigerant, saving energy.

Variable-frequency drive (VFD) solution pump that provides superior part-load performance to reduce fuel consumption verses constant speed pumps.