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Cool. Cap.: 280-3150 kW, 1-Stage hot water/steam

YORK® YIA water-cooled single-stage absorption chillers offer the rugged, industrial grade design of our previous single effect model, with a whole new package of user-friendly microprocessor controls, designed to increase reliability and enhance performance.

YORK® YIA chillers are available using low pressure steam or hot water. Compared to electrically driven chillers YORK® YIA chillers can dramatically lower system operating costs when using waste heat. Applications particularly well suited to the YORK® YIA absorption chiller include cogeneration, waste heat recovery from diesel or gas engine jacket water, turbine air inlet cooling and district heating and cooling installations.

Hot water units can operate with entering water temperature from 80 to 128°C.
Steam units can operate with a steam pressure at generator inlet from 0.2 barg to 0.95 barg.


  • Operation Flexibility:
    The YIA can capture waste hot water or steam, or renewable sources to produce efficient cooling.
  • Highest Reliability:
    The YIA is built with the highest quality of materials to offer long uptime; including pumps that operate for over 75000 hours.
  • Very Simple and Extremely Smart:
    The OptiView Control Center offers ease of operation with multiple data outputs. The YIA also features the SmartPurge function that automatically purges the system when required.
  • Superior Corrosion Protection:
    Only YORK® absorption chillers feature ADVAGuard™ 750, the best corrosion inhibitor in the industry.

Product List21 items

Product CodeCooling CapacityAvailable
2265 kW
2675 kW
2940 kW
3150 kW
280 kW
321 kW
406 kW
465 kW
506 kW
606 kW
674 kW
757 kW
760 kW
928 kW
1048 kW
1145 kW
1253 kW
1415 kW
1535 kW
1885 kW
2090 kW