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Cool. Cap.: 703-2370 kW, 2-Stage steam/direct fired

YORK® YPC water-cooled two-stage absorption chillers offer various burner options to meet strict emission requirements such as 9ppm Nox. With today’s energy and environmental considerations, the YORK® YPC Two-Stage Steam Absorption Chiller is the ideal choice for a wide range of applications. YPC-F is designed to provide both chilled or hot water

The YORK® YPC-ST units can be operated by saturated steam between 3 bar g and 9 bar g.
Cooling capacities from 1055 kW to 2370 kW.

YORK® YPC-F units can be operated by either natural gas, propane gas or fuel oil. Capacity control is accomplished by modulating the burner’s firing rate.
Cooling capacities from 703 kW to 2370 kW.
Heating capacities from 565 kW to 1970 kW.


  • Cooling capacities from 703 kW to 2370 kW
  • First-Class Reliability:
    Unique design of first stage generator and the smart purge system keep your chiller operating longer.
  • Ease of Operation:
    Advanced microcomputer control center offers powerful control.
  • Superior Corrosion Protection:
    Only YORK® absorption chillers feature ADVAGuard™ 750, the best corrosion inhibitor in the industry.
  • YPC-F is designed to provide both chilled or hot water:
    Both cooling and heating operations, with hot water up to 60°C, are performed through the evaporator as standard. Optionally an additional hot water heat exchanger providing hot water up to 79,4°C can be installed. With this option a parallel cooling and heating operation is possible.

Product List14 items

Product CodeCooling CapacityHeating CapacityAvailable
703 kW563 kW
809 kW675 kW
1055 kW844 kW
1231 kW1013 kW
1407 kW1125 kW
1547 kW1268 kW
1705 kW1407 kW
2039 kW1688 kW
2373 kWN/A kW
2373 kW1969 kW
1055 kW844 kW
1407 kW1125 kW
1705 kWN/A kW
2039 kWN/A kW