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Non CE Air Cooled Chillers

YCAE Modular Chillers (non CE/PED)

Cool. Cap.: 40-520 kW - C.O. & H.P - Scroll - Modular Chillers

YCAE Modular Chillers provides to the market a Quick, Easy and cost effective solution to provide comfort cooling to our customers. Up to 8 modules of different capacities can be easily combined providing a maximum of 520 kW. The Module combination is controlled via a central controller allowing the customer remote access and diagnostic for the central plant.


  • Up to 8 base modules can be connected together to reach up to 520 kW cooling capacity
  • Each Module can be operated separately
  • Built-in main water pipe, easy to install in the field
  • Possible to divide investement in the cooling/heating plant in steps, according to the building occupancy
  • Very low noise design, with standard and low noise working modes
  • Independent refrigerant circuits, very low refrigerant chages per circuit
  • Multifunctional Central Controller designed by JCI
  • Backup operation (Redundancy N+1), assuring installation reliability
  • Intelligent Defrost for the Heat Pump versions, Heating operation continues during a sequenced defrost operation mode by module
  • Flexible installations, adapted to the available space