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Air Handling Units

YBV 'Plug and Play' AHU

self contained AHU capacities 400 m3/h to 5000 m3/h

YBV units are a range of compact Air Handling units offering true Plug and Play capability – Their ready-to-use control functions are provided for accessories such as cooling units and heating coils and wiring is done by means of cables with quick connectors. Additionally, energy-saving fans and efficient heat recovery devices offer full control of temperatures, airflows and operating times to give you optimal operational economy.


  • Easy and simple installation (plug&play)
  • Reduced cost of operation due to high-effinciency heat exchanger (91% recovery - YBVS-1)
  • Low noise level
  • Self-supporting housing structure - without aluminium profiles, providing attractive and minimalistic style
  • Ensured supply of a suitable volume of fresh and additionally cleaned air
  • Automatic components supplied with Johnson Controls Factory Packaged Controls: can also communicate with wider BMS systems