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Rooftop Family

ACTIVA rooftops 45-90 kW


Our new Range of R410A rooftop, available from 45 to 84 kW, highly efficient, reduced sound and full range of variants/accessories available.


  • High efficiency EER and COP
  • Low noise level
  • All configurations: Cooling only, Cooling + gas, Heating, Heating + Gas
  • New board with BMS connection (N2open protocole as standard)
  • Energy recovery (enthalpy wheel)
  • EC Return fan
  • External HP & LP access
  • Filters G4, F6 & F7 available
  • Tandem configuration (up to 52°C outdoor temperature)

Product List16 items

Product CodeModelTypeCooling Capacity Available
ARG 045 BB (Blue fin) Cooling only + Gas heating48 kW
ARH 045 BB (Blue fin) Heat pump48 kW
ARD 045 BB (Blue fin) Heat pump + Gas heating48 kW
ARC 045 BB (Blue fin) Cooling only48 kW
ARC 060 BB (Blue fin) Cooling only62 kW
ARG 060 BB (Blue fin)Cooling only + Gas heating62 kW
ARH 060 BB (Blue fin) Heat pump62 kW
ARD 060 BB (Blue fin) Heat pump + Gas heating62 kW
ARC 075 BB (Blue fin) Cooling only72 kW
ARG 075 BB (Blue fin) Cooling only + Gas heating72 kW
ARH 075 BB (Blue fin) Heat pump72 kW
ARD 075 BB (Blue fin) Heat pump + Gas heating72 kW
ARC 090 BB (Blue fin) Cooling only84 kW
ARG 090 BB (Blue fin)Cooling only + Gas heating84 kW
ARH 090 BB (Blue fin)Heat pump84 kW
ARD 090 BB (Blue fin)Heat pump + Gas heating84 kW