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YHVP 2 Pipes

High Wall Fan Coil

YHVP is a EUROVENT certified high wall fan coil unit designed and manufactured in Italy, in 4 sizes and many different models. YHVP is easy to install like a standard fan coil: without decreasing the emission and without any extra frame, 2 way or 3 way valves and condensate pump can be mounted into the casing. The modern and appealing design of the unit in RAL 9003 colour allows the use of YHVP in any environment. YHVP is available with standard AC motors or low energy EC motors and in the following versions: with wired wall control, infra-red remote control, MB electronic board for Modbus management and electric heating coil. The units are for 2 pipe installations only. All the YHVP models perform very low electric consumption and extremely quite sound levels according to the request of today’s new projects.

Product List72 items

Product CodeModelTypeCooling CapacityAvailable
YHVP 1 Basic unit1.87 kW
YHVP 2 Basic unit2.18 kW
YHVP 3Basic unit3.03 kW
YHVP 4 Basic unit3.81 kW
YHVP-MB 1 MB1.87 kW
YHVP-MB 2 MB2.18 kW
YHVP-MB 3 MB3.03 kW
YHVP-MB 4 MB3.81 kW
YHVP-T 1 T1.87 kW
YHVP-T 2 T2.18 kW
YHVP-T 3 T3.03 kW
YHVP-T 4 T3.81 kW
YHVP-E 1 E1.87 kW
YHVP-E 2 E2.18 kW
YHVP-E 3 E3.03 kW
YHVP-E 4 E3.81 kW
YHVP-T-E 1 T-E1.87 kW
YHVP-T-E 2 T-E2.18 kW
YHVP-T-E 3 T-E3.03 kW
YHVP-T-E 4 T-E3.81 kW
YHVP-MB-E 1 MB-E1.87 kW
YHVP-MB-E 2 MB-E2.18 kW
YHVP-MB-E 3MB-E3.03 kW
YHVP-MB-E 4 MB-E3.81 kW
YHVP-2V 1 2V1.87 kW