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Amazon Standard Ambient VRF System - Indoor Units


Cooling Cap. from 2.8 kW to 14.0 kW

The new YORK® Amazon line of VRF Air Conditioning System includes a wide range of sizes to meet most any customer’s needs. Each model is designed to provide comfort and efficiency, in an easy-to-operate unit and flexible installation makes them an easy fit for a variety of applications. Models meet the highest energy efficiency ratings, so less energy is consumed without sacrificing comfort and performance.


  • Quiet operation
  • Standard built-in high head drain pump: Up to 750mm drain-head creating the ideal solution for perfect water drainage
  • Fresh air inlet except for 5.8/7.1/8.0kW: Pre-set fresh air inlet can introduce the outside fresh air into the room, greatly improve the indoor air quality, away from “air conditioner symptom”.
  • Wired controller as standard offer, wireless controller optional
  • Advanced structure facilitating installation and maintenance: - 90° rotation suction grille, Randomly installation direction
  • Real compact design for 2.8/3.6/4.5kW: The panel dimension is 700x700mm, and the unit dimension is 570x570mm, smaller footprint, easier for installation.
  • Branch outlet except for 2.8/3.6/4.5kW: 1 or 2 branch outlets for flexible and better air distribution

Product List9 items

Product CodeCooling capacityHeating capacityAir flowAvailable
2.8 kW3.2 kW700 m3/h
3.6 kW4.0 kW650 m3/h
4.5 kW5.0 kW650 m3/h
5.6 kW6.3 kW1200 m3/h
7.1 kW8.0 kW1200 m3/h
8.0 kW9.0 kW1200 m3/h
9.0 kW10.0 kW1 800 m3/h
11.2 kW12.5 kW1 800 m3/h
14.0 kW16.0 kW1 800 m3/h