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Energy recovery / Heat recovery / Active + DX-Coil

Hitachi’s Ventilation products adjust the temperature and humidity of incoming fresh air to match the indoor environment, ensuring a stable indoor temperature and saving energy. E means Energy recovery H means Heat recovery X means Active recovery


  • Airflows from 250 to 2000 m3/h The Hitachi heat recovery ventilation system (KPI) adjusts the temperature and humidity of incoming fresh air to match the indoor environment
  • Low noise level ErP lot 11 compliant fan motors resulting in low noise levels of 24bB(A)
  • Highly-efficient exchanger with the following features: Fresh air supply for indoor environments Energy recovery ventilation between supply and extract air supplies (forced energy exchange mode) efficiencies up to 78% Automatic ventilation (KPI controls which mode to operate within to achieve maximum energy efficiency) Ventilation mode (forced bypass mode)
  • The KPI Active uses a double flow exchanger, with direct expansion coil battery which supplements the air temperature entering the building. This is useful when the temperature outside is low and sufficient recovery is not possible
  • The range consists of 3 models: 1.5 / 2 / 2.5HP with respective flows of 500 m3, 800 m3, 1000 m3
  • It can be connected to certain units within the UTOPIA and VRF ranges using a monosplit or direct to the VRF.
  • RAS 2 and 2.5 HVNP connected to KPI 802X3E and 1002X3E by monosplit
  • The KPI model 502X3E can only be installed in a VRF configuration, as with an indoor unit
  • KPI models 802X3E and 1002X3E can also be installed on VRF. Once installed on a VRF the maximum output must not exceed 30% of the total output of the unit.
  • Fresh Air feed
  • Filters both air incoming and outgoing air. Transfer of heat between the incoming and outgoing air
  • Transfer of moisture in the outgoing air, which reduces the condensation in the air conditioning units and reduces the cooling demand by up to 20%
  • This naturally cools the building with minimum fuel consumption during by-pass mode.
  • The KPI Active is fitted with a celluloid exchanger so that the latent heat is transferred: In cooling mode: the air humidity decreases In heating mode: the moisture in the fresh air increases. This will greatly increase the heat transfer efficiency and comfort.
  • The battery complements and warms the air to ensure the air approaches a comfortable temperature.