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Outdoor Units

Utopia IVX Centrifugal

Cooling capacity from 10 to 24 kW

Centrifugal VRF Outdoor Units


  • No outdoor space required: Installed indoors with field-supplied ductwork – ideal where external installation space is limited or planning restrictions apply
  • Up to 6 indoor units
  • Indipendent control: Multi split applications possible (Master slave control) Zone by zone individual control
  • Easy unit integration: 43 cm high, 125 cm wide.
  • Ducted units: Pressure up to 130 Pa.
  • System free compatible with all HITACHI indoor units
  • Scroll compressor

Product List5 items

Product CodeNominal cooling capacityPower supplyMaximum External Static PressureAvailable
24 kW400/3/50 V/Ph/Hz120 Pa
10 kW400/3/50 V/Ph/Hz90 Pa
12.5 kW400/3/50 V/Ph/Hz100 Pa
14 kW400/3/50 V/Ph/Hz100 Pa
20 kW400/3/50 V/Ph/Hz120 Pa