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Water Cooled Chillers and Heat Pumps


Cool. Cap.: 140-240 kW - C.O. , H.P. & Condenserless - Screw

YORK® YCSE Style C chiller is designed for water or water-glycol cooling. It is designed for indoor installation in a plant room. The unit is completely factory assembled with all interconnecting refrigerant piping and wiring ready for field installation. YCSE unit is pressure tested, evacuated, and fully factory charged with refrigerant R134a and oil in each of the independent refrigerant circuits. After assembly, an operational test is performed with water flowing through the evaporator and condenser to ensure that each refrigerant circuit operates correctly..

Eurovent Certified Unit


  • Efficient screw compressors:
    Highly efficient the YORK® YCSE Style C offers the highest standard of reliability and economical operation utilizing twin-screw rotor technology and fully modulating compressor slide valve unloading, together with low inrush current star delta starters. To further improve the operating efficiency the leaving liquid temperature can be remotely reset.
  • Quiet operation:
    The compressor has been designed so that there is minimal external gas pulsations and integral oil separators resulting in very low sound and vibration levels.
  • Small footprint:
    The compact design is ideally suited for reduced base area locations. The unit frame is manufactured from heavy gauge galvanized steel coated with baked-on powder paint.

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Product CodeTypeCooling CapacityESEER Available
Condenserless135 kW
Condenserless170 kW
Condenserless205 kW
Water-cooled140 kW5.35
Water-cooled180 kW5.69
Water-cooled215 kW5.71
Water-cooled240 kW5.72