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Water Cooled Chillers and Heat Pumps


Cool. Cap.: 26-193 kW - C.O. , H.P. & Condenserless - Scroll

Compact and durable design:
A fully enclosed single refrigerant circuit unit designed for internal plant room locations has minimum size for maximum cooling capacity. The unit construction is galvanised steel coated with baked-on powder paint RAL 9001 for durability. Design is based on 2 casing frames, providing a high level of standardization.

Integrated Pump Kits:
A complete range of pump kit combinations can be ordered factory fitted.

Quiet operation:
The YMWA range offers low sound characteristics as standard with the hermetic Scroll compressor(s), Evaporator (and if fitted Condenser) plate heat exchanger(s) together with the refrigerant circuit components are all housed within an acoustically lined cabinet. Optional accessory, compressor(s) may be fitted with acoustic jacket(s) to offer additional sound reduction.

User-friendly microprocessor controller :
All monitoring and control parameters are easily accessed via a soft touch key control panel and display.

Easy to install and maintain:
Designed to minimise site installation costs, both cooler and condenser have externally accessible female gas threaded, liquid connections. The control panel requires a single power supply. Each chiller is shipped fully assembled and charged with refrigerant. With the hermetic scroll compressor requiring no maintenance and component layout designed with ease of maintenance access.
14 available YMWA sizes in three versions:
1) YMWA-CE : Cooling only
2) YMWA-HE : Heat pump
3) YMRA : Remote condenser

Eurovent Certified Unit


  • Scroll compressors (single or tandem)
  • Higher EER and COP
  • 2 different frames / configurations: (1 compressor / 1 circuit up to 45 kW or 2 compressors / 1 circuit from 50 to 190 kW)
  • Reduced refrigerant charge
  • Condensing pressure control
  • "Plug and Play" units

Product List42 items

Product CodeTypeCooling CapacityESEER Available
Condenserless20.9 kWNA
Condenserless26 kWNA
Condenserless31.3 kWNA
Condenserless34.8 kWNA
Condenserless39.3 kWNA
Condenserless46.2 kWNA
Condenserless51.2 kWNA
Condenserless61.7 kWNA
Condenserless77.8 kWNA
Condenserless91.4 kWNA
Condenserless118.7 kWNA
Condenserless147.6 kWNA
Condenserless169.4 kWNA
Condenserless193.2 kWNA
Cooling only21.2 kW5.16
Heat pump20.8 kW4.95
Cooling only26.2 kW5.09
Heat pump26 kW5.03
Cooling only31.1 kW4.93
Heat pump30.1 kW4.8
Cooling only34.8 kW4.95
Heat pump34 kW4.86
Cooling only39.2 kW4.8
Heat pump38.1 kW4.67
Cooling only46.6 kW5.08