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Water Cooled Chillers and Heat Pumps


Cool. Cap.: 430-1050 kW - C.O. , H.P. - VSD Screw

The YVWA introduces the VSD technology for the first time on to Water Cooled Screw Chillers and develops an market leading part load performance up-to 7.5 ESEER operating at Eurovent conditions. The range also benefits from the ability to operate across a wide range of applications for Chilled Liquid from -10 to + 15C and +18 to 65C Condenser Liquid. Ideally suited for refrigeration applications to the Highest temperature commercial Heat Pump. The ability to Taylor and Tune the individual components offer the most flexible solutions to meet each Clients project specific requirements.

Eurovent Certified Unit


  • Premium efficiency:
    The YVWA reduces operating expenses with the application of a standard variable speed drive
  • Application flexibility:
    Tailor and tune flexilibilty makes the YVWA ideal for any application from thermal storage to heat pump duty
  • Enhanced sustainability:
    Achieved through high efficiency operation and low refrigerant charges
  • Product confidence:
    Improve your peace of mind knowing our experience stands behind every chiller