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Heat Pumps

SABROE heat pump

Water up to 90ºC | Heat. Cap.: up tp 1,600 kW | Screw Comp. VS only, Natural R717 Ammonia

Ammonia-based heat pumps using a screw compressor, with a capacity of up to 1800 kW

HeatPAC units are extremely compact heat pumps based on ultra-reliable Sabroe high-pressure screw compressors, using ammonia as refrigerant. These highly customisable integrated units, featuring an uncomplicated flooded evaporating system, provide exceptional heat pump capacity from the smallest possible footprint, and with only a very small refrigerant charge. They are designed to provide a cost-effective way to tackle needs for cooling and heating at the same time, providing an extremely high coefficient of performance (COP). Sabroe HeatPAC heat pumps are the ideal solution for effectively exploiting low-temperature waste heat, and turning it into hot water (up to 90°C), using only a minimum of electrical energy. Sabroe HeatPAC heat pumps provide considerable scope for customisation to meet specific customer requirements.