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Reciprocating Compressors


Single-stage reciprocating compressors

Small single-stage compressors with swept volumes of 100–270 m3/h

CMO compressor units are small units specially designed for use in smaller-scale refrigeration installations where reliability is a particular concern, and uninterrupted service a big priority.

They are an economical, low-maintenance solution for smaller-scale, heavy-duty refrigeration installations, and are most commonly used as stand-alone units operating at full load, or as small back-up compressors.


Six different models are available to provide swept volumes of between 100 and 273 m3/h.


  • High coefficient of performance (COP), with excellent part-load characteristics.
  • Excellent accessibility and few requirements for spare parts.
  • Any necessary repairs can normally be undertaken without having to remove the compressor.
  • Chromium piston rings, gas-dampened discharge valves and hardened cylinder liner surfaces.
  • Spring-loaded safety heads, balanced refrigerant-tight shaft seal, asbestos-free gaskets and an internal bypass valve to prevent excessive pressure.

Product List6 items

Product CodeNumber of cylindersSwept volume at max. 1500 rpmSwept volume at max. 1800 rpmAvailable
497 m3/h116 m3/h
6146 m3/h175 m3/h
8194 m3/h233 m3/h
4114 m3/h136 m3/h
6170 m3/h204 m3/h
8227 m3/h273 m3/h