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Screw Compressors

SAB - large

Screw compressors

Large single-stage compressors with swept volumes of 850–10900 m3/h

The bigger models of SABROE SAB screw compressors are specifically engineered to deal with larger-scale industrial refrigeration installations in which requirements prioritize exceptional reliability, high performance and low operating costs. All the components are designed and configured to ensure low maintenance costs as a result of good accessibility and ease of service.

Like their smaller counterparts, these large-capacity compressor units can be used with all common refrigerants and process gases.


Thirteen different models are available to provide swept volumes of 838–10864 m3/h.


  • Stepless, skip-free capacity control ensures that output always matches requirements
  • Consistently high performance at both full and part load
  • Uncomplicated design with fewer moving parts and very low vibration
  • Supports Condition Based Service (CBS) schedules and the Sabroe Block . Swap Concept
  • Standardised electrical panel and drive line, factory tested prior to delivery

Product List13 items

Product CodeSwept volume at 3000 rpmNominal capacities R717 High Stage -10/+35°C
Nominal capacities R717 Booster -40/-10°C
Nominal capacities R404A High stage -10/35°C
Nominal capacities R404A High stage 0/+40°C
1118 m3/h723 kW
220 kW
709 kW
1041 kW
838 m3/h541 kW
164 kW
524 kW
779 kW
2258 m3/h1520 kW
456 kW
1472 kW
2191 kW
1856 m3/h1220 kW
366 kW
1199 kW
1760 kW
1475 m3/h974 kW
292 kW
922 kW
1404 kW
3998 m3/h2667 kW
800 kW
2524 kW
N/A kW
3326 m3/h2215 kW
664 kW
2079 kW
3190 kW
2640 m3/h1767 kW
530 kW
1694 kW
2544 kW
4516 m3/h3033 kW
910 kW
2832 kW
N/A kW
7175 m3/h4793 kW
1438 kW
4300 kW
6940 kW
5638 m3/h3771 kW
1131 kW
3418 kW
5459 kW
4134 m3/h2785 kW
836 kW
2649 kW
4033 kW
9053 m3/hN/A
1796 kW