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Smart Thermostat Controllers


Stand-Alone, BACnet® MS/TP or N2 Networked

The TEC3000 Series Thermostat Controllers are stand-alone, and field-selectable BACnet® Master-Slave/Token-Passing (MS/TP) or N2 networked devices that provide on/off, floating, and proportional control of the following:
• local hydronic reheat valves
• pressure-dependent VAV equipment with or without local reheat
• two- or four-pipe fan coils
• cabinet unit heaters
• other zoning equipment using an on/off, floating, or 0 to 10 VDC proportional control input
Models also provide single- or two-stage control of unitary rooftop units (RTUs) with or without economizers and heat pumps.


  • Touchscreen display with adjustable backlight
  • Customizable User Interface with password protection
  • Local Weekly Schedules available via BACnet
  • Stand Alone or BACnet (MSTP) or N2 Bus
  • Mobile Access Portal (MAP) gateway compatibility
  • Auto-Tuning (PRAC+) and Optimal Start
  • Measurement Trends of the last 24 hours
  • Commissioning menu and Fault Diagnostic warnings
  • USB Port for Back-Up, Restore and Cloning
  • Multiple Fan Configurations On/Off or VSD (0…10V)
  • Optional on board Occupancy Sensor (PIR)
  • Optional integral Humidity Sensor with Dehumidification

Product List20 items

Product CodeControlModeSensor Type Available
FCU Stand AloneOn/OffTemperature
FCU Stand AloneOn/OffTemperature + PIR
FCU Stand AloneOn/OffTemperature + Humidity
FCU Stand AloneOn/OffTemperature + Humidity + PIR
FCU Stand Alone0…10 VTemperature
FCU Stand Alone0…10 VTemperature + PIR
FCU Stand Alone0…10 VTemperature + Humidity
FCU Stand Alone0…10 VTemperature + Humidity + PIR
RTU StandAloneSingle/Two StagesTemperature
RTU StandAloneSingle/Two StagesTemperature + PIR
FCU BACnet/N2On/OffTemperature
FCU BACnet/N2On/OffTemperature + PIR
FCU BACnet/N2On/OffTemperature + Humidity
FCU BACnet/N2On/OffTemperature + Humidity + PIR
FCU BACnet/N20…10 VTemperature
FCU BACnet/N20…10 VTemperature + PIR
FCU BACnet/N20…10 VTemperature + Humidity
FCU BACnet/N20…10 VTemperature + Humidity + PIR
RTU BACnet/N2Single/Two StagesTemperature
RTU BACnet/N2Single/Two StagesTemperature + PIR