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Air Cooled Chillers and Heat Pumps


Cool. Cap.: 190-518 kW - C.O. - Scroll

The YORK YLAA air-cooled chiller is an environmental leader.

Utilising scroll type compressors and microchannel condenser coil technology the YLAA delivers premium efficiency for all air conditioning applications.

YLAA chillers are a self-contained cooling solution that is light-weight and compact for convenient installation on the ground or on building rooftops.

Eurovent Certified Unit


  • Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) as high as 3.2 (Eurovent A Class) and a European Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (ESEER) as high as 4.44 to provide low operating costs at both full and part load conditions.
  • Low Sound Operation thanks to various sound attenuation options (Dual or low speed fans, compressor acoustic enclosure).
  • Single electrical power connection and optional, factory fitted, water circulating pumps, water filter and flow switch to provide fast and easy installation.
  • Heat Recovery option to provide free production of hot water up to 50ºC.
  • One Chiller, Many Applications with a wide range of accessories and options, including Building Management System communications interfaces.
  • Supplies chilled liquid at temperatures between -1°C and 15°C.
  • Operates in ambient temperatures from -18°C to 46°C fully loaded.

Product List10 items

Product CodeCooling CapacityEERSEER Available
166 kW3.094.23
211 kW3.24.17
248 kW3.14.05
273 kW2.63.86
297 kW2.974.02
348 kW2.943.9
380 kW2.994.27
431 kW2.934.17
457 kW2.914.42
525 kW2.914.25