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Fan Coil Units

YFCN-ECM 4 Pipes

Fan Coil Unit Inverter - from 0.7 kW to 7.1 kW

YFCN and YHP fan coils combine a beautiful design with excellent performances in terms of sound level and energy consumption using EC motor technology. ECM models are available in five different models, for wall and ceiling installation, with casing and concealed versions that continues the YORK® tradition based on high reliability and low noise levels. It is the result of great commitment in terms of energy and resources to offer a more modern product from every point of view: every detail has been carefully studied to guarantee the symmetric feet, the wide valve space (170 mm) and easy access to the filter in all models. Moreover each version has the same internal structure, identical in both horizontal and vertical models, in order to standardise production and guarantee a greater flexibility in distribution and installation. All Johnson Controls fan coils take part to the Eurovent program of fan coil performance certification.


  • New Casing, improved aesthetics and suitable for any modern indoor ambient
  • Full range for all your needs: 18 sizes suitable for horizontal/vertical mounting
  • Models with or without casing
  • Low noise operation
  • 3 fan speeds (possible to choice between 6 fan speeds)
  • Single piece discharge grid
  • Several coil choices: Single: 3 or 4 rows, Dual: 3 rows cooling & 2 rows heating
  • Electrical heater optional
  • Suction and discharge plenum optional
  • Factory fitted valves and controller packages
  • Painted back panel option
  • 4 available versions in all range:
  • VC = Vertical Discharge with Casing
  • VCB = Vertical Discharge with Casing (floor installation)
  • HC = Horizontal Discharge with Casing
  • CD = Concealed unit without Casing

Product List60 items

Product CodeModelTypeCooling CapacityAvailable
YFCN-ECM 23+1 CDCD 1.61 kW
YFCN-ECM 43+1 CDCD 2.97 kW
YFCN-ECM 63+1 CDCD 3.99 kW
YFCN-ECM 73+1 CDCD 4.98 kW
YFCN-ECM 93+1 CDCD 6.36 kW
YFCN-ECM 24+1 CDCD 1.88 kW
YFCN-ECM 44+1 CDCD 3.19 kW
YFCN-ECM 64+1 CDCD 4.54 kW
YFCN-ECM 74+1 CDCD 5.34 kW
YFCN-ECM 94+1 CDCD 7.14 kW
YFCN-ECM 23+2 CDCD 1.61 kW
YFCN-ECM 43+2 CDCD 2.97 kW
YFCN-ECM 63+2 CDCD 3.99 kW
YFCN-ECM 73+2 CDCD 4.98 kW
YFCN-ECM 93+2 CDCD 6.36 kW
YFCN-ECM 23+1 VCVC 1.61 kW
YFCN-ECM 43+1 VCVC 2.97 kW
YFCN-ECM 63+1 VCVC 3.99 kW
YFCN-ECM 73+1 VCVC 4.98 kW
YFCN-ECM 93+1 VCVC 6.36 kW
YFCN-ECM 24+1 VCVC 1.88 kW
YFCN-ECM 44+1 VCVC 3.19 kW
YFCN-ECM 64+1 VCVC 4.54 kW
YFCN-ECM 74+1 VCVC 5.34 kW
YFCN-ECM 94+1 VCVC 7.14 kW