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Amazon Standard Ambient VRF System - Indoor Units

Heat Recovery Ventilator

Air flows from 150 m3/h to 1 000 m3/h

The new YORK® Amazon line of VRF Air Conditioning System includes a wide range of sizes to meet most any customer’s needs. Each model is designed to provide comfort and efficiency, in an easy-to-operate unit and flexible installation makes them an easy fit for a variety of applications. Models meet the highest energy efficiency ratings, so less energy is consumed without sacrificing comfort and performance.


  • Replaceable heat exchange media
  • Efficient heat recovery air processing: Exchange the heat between supplied air and exhausted air, equalizing the outdoor air to indoor temperature, Decrease the interior heat load to save energy

Product List4 items

Product CodeAir flowExternal static presurePower supplyAvailable
150 m3/h50 Pa230 / 1 / 50 + N + E V/Ph/Hz
200 m3/h60 Pa230 / 1 / 50 + N + E V/Ph/Hz
800 m3/h80 Pa230 / 1 / 50 + N + E V/Ph/Hz
1000 m3/h100 Pa230 / 1 / 50 + N + E V/Ph/Hz