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Cool. Cap.: 188-597 kW - C.O. , H.P. & Condenserless - Scroll

YORK® YCWL water-cooled scroll chillers provide chilled water for all air conditioning applications that use central station air handling or terminal units. Chillers are completely self-contained and are designed for indoor installation. Each unit includes hermetic scroll compressors, a liquid evaporator, water cooled condenser, and a user-friendly, Microcomputer Control Center mounted on a rugged steel base.

Eurovent Certified Unit


  • The YORK® YCWL series was designed to produce the greatest cooling capacity with the lowest sound levels. The use of scroll compressors provides optimum efficiency at part load, up to an ESEER of 6.23. Its dimensions have been optimized to pass through a doorway 2 m high by 90 cm wide.
  • The YORK® YCWL is designed for all air conditioning applications. It is equipped with two independent cooling circuits and regulated by a micro-processor that optimizes chiller performance.
  • The YORK® YCWL is designed for indoor installation and each YCWL is fully tested before leaving our factories.

Product List21 items

Product CodeCooling CapacityAvailable
200 kW
207 kW
233 kW
273 kW
325 kW
356 kW
415 kW
485 kW
556 kW
188 kW
220 kW
247 kW
292 kW
304 kW
333 kW
351 kW
371 kW
412 kW
464 kW
498 kW
595 kW