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Reciprocating Compressors


Sabroe HPC high-pressure reciprocating compressors

High-pressure versions of CMO and SMC reciprocating compressors, with swept volumes of 100–450 m3/h

The blocks of the compressor units in the HPO/HPC range are cast in high-strength ductile iron, making them particularly strong and capable of operating under exceptionally high pressures. Max. discharge pressures: up to 40 bar for HPC units and 50 bar for HPO units. Max. suction pressure: 26 bar (for both HPC and HPO). This results in condensing temperatures of up to 70°C, and makes HPO/HPC compressors ideal for use in conjunction with heat pumps and hot water applications, and as an extra “supercharge” stage in traditional ammonia plants. Range: Six different models are available to provide swept volumes of between 97 and 452 m3/h.